Introducing Our New Website

Over the past nine months our marketing team worked with website developer, maginative, to create an entirely new and unique website!   Some notable features This new site is still located at the same web address, but will not look like the old one. Here are some of the biggest changes for you to check... Continue Reading →

Living With Homesickness

Homesickness is a condition that affects the mind and body and can happen at any time and is often recurring.  This post will give you more information about it, and how you can overcome it however it relates to you.   Homesickness is associated with attachment, longing, and nostalgia. It is the effect of the... Continue Reading →

US Students Getting Ready for Germany

The 25 recent high school graduates from across the country who were chosen to participate on the 2019-20 Congress-Bundestag Vocational Youth Exchange met in Washington, D.C., June 27-29, 2019, for their Pre-Departure Orientation immediately prior to leaving for Germany.  The students participated in several cross-cultural sessions designed to help prepare them for their exciting gap... Continue Reading →

Exciting things happen in the summer when students visit America through our Short Term Programs!

Over 170 French, German and Italian students were welcomed into families across the United States for a three- or four-week visit. This 24/7 immersion experience provided visiting students a chance to improve their English and see what life is really like in a typical American family. Some students opted for English lessons in a home... Continue Reading →

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