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The Nacel Open Door Blog is a place to share stories, advice, recipes and more with everyone in the NOD family, and our students have some of the best perspectives on these aspects of the NOD experience. 

A blog is like a journal that you can share with others on the internet. Students can share information as well as how they feel about something. A blog post is like a story. Students should write about their American experiences from their own point of view, as if  they were telling the story in person.


  • Certificate upon completion of the internship
  • Letter of recommendation from the appropriate NOD staff member
  • An impressive addition to college applications and resumes
  • Practice using the English language
  • Writing practice (which will come in handy when applying for college!)


  • The internship must last at least one semester in duration, fall or spring
  • The Student Blogger must submit at least one blog post per month
  • Each blog post must be a minimum of 250 words and must include at least one photo
  • Blog posts can be about anything related to a student’s time in the U.S., i.e. experiences with the Host Family, American holidays, college application process, etc.
  • All posts are subject to editing/revision by Nacel Open Door staff

To Apply

Students interested in applying for a student blogger position should email Shane Koob at or for an application and details on the application process.


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