Culture Note: France

FranceMany Americans are aware of the French passion for food and more formal definition of casual attire. The French are known for paying attention to details, and this attention and care extends into their relationships.

eiffel-tower2The concept of friendship is different in France than in the United States, and this might make it a little difficult for your French student to make friends initially. The French value their relationships and are very loyal to and open with their closest friends. In order to get
to this point, the French take great care in establishing relationships. In France, it may take longer to connect with someone, but then becoming friends and trusting go more quickly than in the United States. Americans generally tend to be very friendly at first and then take longer to trust.

French families tend to be small, but everyone has an important role with his or her own responsibilities. Particularly, parents take great care in their responsibility of providing for and protecting their children.

One place in which the French do not establish close relationships, is in the classroom. In France, the distance between the teacher and the students is important. There is not as much interaction between students and teachers as is typical in the U.S. Teachers are
also often more strict in France than in the United States. On the “perfection doesn’t exist in this world” basis, teachers in France almost never give their students the highest possible grades. Getting straight As doesn’t happen.



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