Travel Advice for Students Studying in America

Barb Deans student Bowdy PiyasinchaiWant to make the most out of your U.S. study abroad? We’ve got some advice for you!

The main reason you’re in the United States is to study. However, it is important to make full use of your experience by exploring different opportunities the country has to offer as well.

Our first piece of advice is for students to centralize all of their important documents and make copies of them. Students should keep documents on them at all times while traveling and ensure they are all up-to-date. These are the papers that allow students to get into the country, on their flights,

Maintain a budget. It may sound cumbersome, but it is totally possible if students plan ahead. Students come on our programs with their own spending money and are often surprised at how quickly they can spend it. If students keep a budget and write down their expenses, their spending money will go further than expected. Students should also check with their home banks. Asking their bank if they have American bank partners can help save on ATM fees. Students should also inform their credit card company and bank that they’ll be travelling in the U.S. so that their credit cards won’t be denied when they really need it.

Alica of Germany 2.JPG

Keep parents updated. While we encourage students to be present with their American friends and Host Family, checking in at home is also important. Phone calls, Skyping, or FaceTiming with parents or friends one or two times per week should be sufficient to share updates about life in the U.S.

Finally, keep an open mind! Students will find there are so many things they can learn, appreciate, and discover while studying in the U.S. They should be sure to take lots of pictures and maybe get a postcard or two to send to loved ones.



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