Advisor’s Angle: Thinking Year End

group-hug-goodbyeIt’s hard to believe, but the end of our students’ programs is coming soon! As students get ready to leave, there are many things to consider.

Now is a great time for students to start reflecting on their experiences. What have they enjoyed the most about their program? What has surprised them the most about life in America? What do they think they will remember most fondly? Writing down their experiences in a blog post, journal entry, or letter to friends and family is a good way to clarify their thoughts and feelings. It also helps the natural family and friends understand their experience and provide more support as students return home and start the readjustment process.

Readjusting to life in their home country can be even more difficult for students than adjusting to life in a foreign country. They have changed and grown in many ways during their program. Their relationships with their friends and family have changed, too. This often surprises students and families. This phenomenon is known as reverse culture shock. Talking with someone who understands their experience (and reverse culture shock) can be very helpful. Are there returnees from previous years who would be willing to talk with current students? How else can students find support in their home communities?

As students’ programs come to a close, remember that you can reach out to the Advising Team for support, advice, and questions at any time. You can reach individual Advisors, or simply email us at We look forward to hearing from you!



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