Culture Note: Australia

AustraliaAustralians are culturally diverse and generally tolerant. They pride themselves in being known for their easy-going, down to earth nature.

Research done by the Australia Day Council in 2008 found that 80% of Australians believe their national identity is defined by friendship, honesty, diversity, and a love of sports. They are a relaxed culture that values relationships and tries to avoid boasting or bringing attention to personal achievements.

Despite numerous cultural influences (approximately 25% of Australians were born elsewhere), the people of Australia are unified in their commitment to their country and its shared values. These values include respect, equality, and peacefulness.

Although many people think of the Outback when they think of Australia, more than 75% of Australians live in urban areas, mostly along the coast. City life means easy access to cultural events, and as a result, nearly 88% of Australian adults attend at least one each year.

Because the weather is warm and calm in most of Australia’s most populous areas, Australians are used to spending a lot of time outside. It is common for Australians to attend barbecues, play leisurely sports, or go to the beach.



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